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tv   Headline News  RT  August 26, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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syria's president rejects western finger pointing over an alleged chemical massacre outside damascus saying facts not assumptions should come first as you want weapons inspectors had to the site. bombs planted and the seize and offices and now even the united nations headquarters and newly document reveals another front of the embassies all out spying effort. as libya marks two years since the fall of gadhafi we report on how the government is resorting to the colonel's savage methods to crush the sand while the country slides into canonic turmoil.
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as to pm in the russian capital you're watching r t m marina joshie welcome to the program the authority of the united nations appears to be facing a serious challenge with countries including britain and turkey saying they're ready to join a military intervention in syria even without u.n. approval u.s. warships are already converging around the war torn state after washington officials accuse the syrian government of unleashing deadly chemicals against its own people last week you want investigators meanwhile have traveled to the site of the alleged attack outside damascus on a fact finding mission the syrian government has given the go ahead for the probe by the u.s. and it's now i seem reluctant to wait for their findings are just maria's and takes a look at the reality behind the rhetoric. united nations experts are in syria to investigate whether chemical weapons were used during the ongoing conflict find.
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but even before they start a senior u.s. administration official has said there is very little doubt that chemical weapons were used by the syrian regime against civilians these are the arguments we have told were given to president obama as proof the reported number of victims talkin the number explain how they say during world war two up to eighty million people were killed what does that tell us about how they died the next argument to the american ministrations leaves them in little doubt assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons is the reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured symptoms of course speak for themselves but how does that answer exactly who was behind this u.s. intelligence cites witness accounts but is hardly a reliable argument for syria since the beginning of the conflict there almost two and a half years ago each side has accused the other often acquainted charter while covering
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events from different cities in syria those undercover manto all rebel control i often matt and talk to witnesses from both sides whose accounts contradicted one another the truth was never easy to find even on the ground well it would if chemical weapons were used in syria why doesn't automatically point to the syrian regime isn't that still to be investigated it all appears to be based on assumptions we still believe that they don't have the capability to use chemical weapons that has not changed again we're looking into the facts on the ground but there's no reason if there's nothing to hide for the regime not to let the investigative team do you know with the u.n. team is a breeding into that the same assumptions that the opposition doesn't have the ability to use these people and yes they're. meanwhile major world media album bargain audiences with protests. pictures of dead people including children
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allegedly killed by chemical agents allegedly used by the syrian regime and all that during the military escalation in the region the pentagon is moving its naval forces closer to syria three days tori is already in the mediterranean ready and for a variety of attacks all of them carrying up to three hundred cruise missiles more scope warns the west against repeating the tragic mistakes all these is remiss and of events of ten years ago in which he was in full information that the iraqis processed weapons of mass destruction the united states launched a reckless enterprise with consequences that everyone is well aware off russia's foreign minister spokesperson said well this small tube colin powell the u.s. secretary of state at that time presented to the u.n. security council as proof led to disastrous consequences will history repeat itself . r.t.
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moscow syria's president has responded furiously to allegations that he's army was behind cameco massacre last week granting them nonsense and an interview with a russian newspaper he slammed the u.s. for finger pointing without gathering any proof sean thomas has the details the president bashar al assad in his interview directly refuted international claims of allegedly chemical weapons use and his forces using it against his people the bashar al assad in his interview said that it just doesn't make sense that refutes logic this is what he had to say. statements made by the u.s. and other political violate common sense and ignore public opinion in their own countries it's known since they threw accusations first and collect evidence later and the one doing this is the us a powerful country now the military option has always been on the table in fact the western powers have been trying to go through
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the u.n. channels to get some sort of a military intervention however this has been blocked at the u.n. security council by china and by russia also the western powers are kind of sitting on the fence recognizing the fact that there are al qaeda linked groups among the syrian rebels and so by backing the rebels they're actually backing al-qaeda so they wouldn't be fighting terrorists as well but there's also no support at home in fact the polls in the united states show that the majority of the american people do not want to become involved in syria in terms of military intervention in fact they are completely against the idea in his interview bashar al assad seem to recognize this fact. another up sequel to a military intervention is that everybody understands the syrian conflict has nothing to do with the nation's evolution and demands for reforms it's terrorism in this situation western leaders come till they citizens we're going to syria to
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support terrorism well russia has been urging caution not all along in fact they are saying that the western powers should not jump to conclusions they should wait until the u.n. investigation has been completed before making any decision because otherwise it would be a tragic mistake in fact of the foreign minister of russia made a phone call to his counterpart the united states john kerry in which he wanted to draw attention to the implications what it would mean for the middle east and even north africa as an entire region if they did decide to proceed with a military intervention and in fact russia is hoping that the u.s. and russia and other countries will meet in geneva to try and find a peaceful solution a solution on the diplomatic level as well russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov will address the syrian issue at a press conference at around twelve o'clock g.m.t. and we'll be bringing you a live transmission from moscow when that happens well for now however let's get some more perspective on the growing tension surrounding syria i'm joined live by
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neil clark journalist and broadcaster covering the middle east thank you so much for joining us so well at every minute as we conceded the u.s. britain france and turkey are all weighing up options for an intervention in syria now how ready are they to actually move forward to action of this point. what i'd like to help i told you all that's the problem they really are how about whatever the latest this week with us is it's a replay of two thousand and three isn't it remember when saddam was saying good evening to a lot of weapons inspection teams into iraq they went in there they found no weapons and yet we still have the war they launched the well before the weapons inspectors to finish their job and i think it's a very similar scenario now. i think the right amount of time to write this you know superiority is i'm afraid coming out of your studio yeah i think it was a phone you know it's going to turn it off take my phone. so i don't know i was just saying that. just saying that what we're going to see this is
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a shiraz we're going to see these weapons inspection teams going to this site and whatever they do the syrian government will be blamed the u.s. would have made that quite clear william hague has made that quite clear they blame the syrian government for this whatever the evidence or lack of evidence and there is no evidence of. chemical weapons yet they're still going to blame them because they want war ok but what about the investigation that you just mentioned i mean how impartial will that be in your opinion. well the u.n. will go there they may find chemical weapons traces or they may not and if they do then of course the u.s. has said quite clearly the syrian government is the only party capable of using chemical weapons surveyed by the mind if they don't then the syrian government will be accused of moving them so the syrian government be damned if they do and damned if they don't whatever the un inspection teams find the decision has already been taken i think ok but i don't think. i mean do they not have states won that war i mean if we look at the polls they show that american people are ganz to a new war because i mean it's going to be again a burden on the taxpayers so and also do you think that we potentially damaging for
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president obama and why would he want to go ahead. well it would be only nine percent of americans support the war is america a democracy that's what we're about to find out the american people are sick of war they're war weary you have wars to war to war but i'm afraid there's powerful lobbies in the us the israel lobby is pushing for this war pretty strong the saudi arabians want this war and it's a question of whether president obama stands up to them i fear that what's going to happen is there will be some military strikes in syria the way president obama will sell it to the syrian american people is will say to them on t.v. look guys i don't really want this you don't want this but we've got to do this chemical weapons are being used for guys like monster present and i think that also do is increase weapon supply to the rebels to try to tip the balance against assad and to try to bring regime change within six months that's right things and i don't think we're going to get obviously boots on the ground a little bit to get prolong the airstrikes like in libya because i think the american people don't want that absolutely not and i think that president obama knows that ok well britain and turkey say they could push ahead with the u.n. approval how legitimate is that and what role could the u.n.
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take in that situation briefly if you could one of the points the point is these countries who invest so much time energy and money trying to topple assad assad must go because of the links he has with hezbollah and iran they put money to the rebels they tried everything and it's apparent to these countries that you've mentioned also to israel the only way the syrian government for now is if there's direct military intervention from nato bombing of syria i see only way discovery is going to fall because it's too popular the syrian government has majority support in syria which is why the rebels haven't succeeded they had hoped the west had hoped arming the rebels would do it and achieve a gene change they now know that the only way is to actually bomb the country and that's why this massacre has come along because it's all about finding a pretext for military intervention this massacre i feared that the sun that this would happen i fear. and it's being used the pretext for war against syria which the long planned all right well let's wait for the results of that u.n. mission fact finding mission there in clark thank you so much for joining us and
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sharing your views with us here on our team. thanks very much arena thank you. a massive flood of russia's far east shatters communities fountains are forced to say goodbye to their homes are to meet those who are determined to stay at their submerged houses to get around. and a major transatlantic trade agreement could be under threat should the german chancellor be taken by her main rival coming up find out about the drastic measures planned against the u.s. . now the u.s. national security agency has been spying on the united nations have quaters in new york and that's according to newly published information leaked by edward snowden argues marine aboard nine is in new york with the details on this latest revelation . america's national security agency allegedly cracked the encryption guarding the united nations' internal video conferencing system that's according to german der spiegel the publication says that the n.s.a.
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surveillance of the united nations took place last summer and three weeks after hacking into the video system america's spy agency had allegedly boosted its number its number of such decrypted communications from twelve to four hundred and fifty eight now for anyone who doesn't already know this spying on the united nations is illegal under international law der spiegel also reports that the u.s. maintains a monitoring program called the special collection service in over eighty embassies and consulates around the world often without the knowledge of the host country now many may be wondering why is it that the united states would want to spy on the united nations would spy on its allies because as as we've been reporting and as u.s. president barack obama said himself recently the n.s.a. is in place to protect american security and target only potential terrorists what
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we do with it or some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or e-mail address that we know is connected to. now it's unclear how spying on the united nations and international partners coincides with america's war on terror if anything what many critics are saying is that what may come out of the n.s.a. is worldwide surveillance is a loss in confidence and reliability in the united states because you have to think about it if you have a friend that you trust to find out is always spying on you is listening to what you're saying is watching what you're doing is reading what you're typing does that relationship still stay strong and that is a question that is clearly coming to light not only following this report but those questions have been coming to light over the past months ever since edward snowden blew the whistle on n.s.a. spying programs. now the n.s.a. spy revelations are taking a toll on germany's upcoming election angela merkel's main rival says that if he wins he'll freeze trade talks with the u.s.
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until there is clarification of the surveillance program r.t. it's been all over has more. what the head of the leader of the s.t.p. and the only real candidate who has a chance of challenging anglo merkel in the in the upcoming elections what he said is that should he become chancellor well he'll put the brakes on ongoing talks on a a free trade agreement between the u.s. and the e.u. now these are trade talks that have moved at a pretty pace at the best of times and they are potentially worth multiple billions of dollars worth of money to both sides but there are sticking points and it's what he said during an interview on german television was that how can we trust our american allies and colleagues when it comes to talking about the best trade deal for both sides when how do we know they don't have microphones under our desks and they are listening to everything that we are saying they are one of the only few
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issues in which the which the opposition can can attack angle of merkel on she remains incredibly personally popular here in germany and is pretty much expected to be to be returned as chancellor but if stonebridge is to get in there and is to have a good chance this is the option what he's what he's gone for because this is one position where angler merkel has appeared to be slightly we can go on because she is the chancellor of the book stops with her and it seems that not only did she know that the united states was conducting espionage activities on on german civilians and on german businesses but it seems that at some points according to the leaked documents that edward snowden put forward that the german security services may have actually helped them to do that it's seen in the past these documents coming out. the b.m.d. the german security services were very forthcoming with trying to help the n.s.a. in their spying activities so this is a major issue if not the major issue going into the elections just how much should
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angle merkel know and what does she do to it if anything to try and try and stop and look after the interests of the german people. and i'll bring you more news after the short break don't go away. wealthy british style it's not out to surprise. the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our t.v.
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. do we speak your language anything about the will or not a day in. the program says documentaries in spanish what matters to you. it will turn it into angles stories. here. the spanish find out more visit i to our. welcome back you're watching arche line from moscow but now two years on from the fall of colonel gadhafi in libya the euphoria of the revolution has all but gone today are militias and as well most rule much of the country fighting over territory smuggling routes and shares of dwindling oil revenue to top that off a desperate government is quietly reactivated colonel gadhafi has feared survey one's apparatus using it to hunt down dissenters our disposal iraq ports on the
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sobering anniversary. anniversaries are often a time of celebration but two years on libya has pushes little to be applauding. i'm not sure it will be right to assume that there's a government in libya so there's no army no police armed militias are in control as violent chaos. the. minister violence stalks the land jihadist groups are growing strikes threaten to cripple the oil industry and economic stagnation is everywhere with all the bad negative things that they will say about that they those that. control it by force the situation of these device divide the countries libya post gadhafi is far from the haiti days of the with illusionary euphoria human rights watch says a wave of assassinations has killed dozens of politicians activists judges and members of security agencies all we hear is very. very troublesome
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because we hear about clandestine detention centers. detention centers that are run by militias that are not accountable to anybody these armed militias reportedly have more power than the government turning the country into a new hub for his nomic extremism over the past few weeks we knew kind accounts of allegedly opened in the south libya is becoming the main base for al qaida in the maghreb we also know that as a direct result of the libyan intervention that the civilian government embalmer co mali was overthrown in the north of the country and certain islamicist took over creating a humanitarian disaster leading to tens of thousands of internally displaced persons not to mention tens of thousands of refugees fleeing into mauritania linked to burkina faso basically creating
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a morass and if that's not bad enough the much promised constitution has failed to materialize politicians are deadlocked over the role of sharia law and but a regional rivalries. libyan society consists of arabs berbers and taboo so the constitution should represent all segments and if any group is ignored then this means exclusion. the berbers who make up ten percent of the population are threatening to take up arms against the government there is a real danger that libya may break up you've had a severe problem in libya with regard to the darker skinned nationals of the south of the country not being except. by those who are lighter skinned in the north and the deteriorating economic situation isn't helping commercial banks are closing their doors imposed test against a kohen to armed robberies in a desperate attempt to keep a grip on things the new government is reportedly using methods that were popular
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during gadhafi time libya's transitional government has quietly reactivated to be so pagans technology it inherited from the death of the scene it uses it to protect the mobile phones and online communication of the deaf you know in this the two machines it seems i'm not that different after all except that oil production is down with libya unable to promise crude deliveries next month as on off strikes patronize its major terminals two years on and many are asking was it worth destroying libya to get the spoken state when it's not clear who won it definitely doesn't seem to be the libyan people policy r.t. to level. only as oil production has plummeted to fifty percent of what it was before their evolution for a conjurer a heavily dependent on fuel exports that represents a catastrophic loss of income are dedicated pilbeam explains. according to the
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libyan oil and gas minister nearly one point six billion dollars has been lost in less than a month because of the security guard strikes libya's two main crude oil export terminals remain sharp which means the country's financial recovery after the twenty eleven brest has been told the contras reliant on oil exports accounting for ninety five percent of all output produces shipments have been cut to the lowest level since the civil war of twenty eleven will than half of libya's it's what capacity with some estimating just three hundred thousand barrels per day and now being shipped out of the country and as a consequence libya's government to have said it will use military force if necessary to stop the striking security guards from selling the countries or independently but the root of the problem remains is the ousting of gadhafi regime the country is still plagued by chaos this time the cause is economic and north.
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that is of economic turmoil and infighting weren't enough al qaida is now reportedly making libya its new base of operations a top official described how the terror network is taking advantage of the chaos and establishing itself in the south of a country where you may as a key word out of her of the pan-african newswire predict that the instability will only get worse. but this counterrevolution has been detrimental to the well being of the libyan people what we've seen over the last two years is a total disruption of libyan society in the area of the economy it has been the most pronounced we've seen the production of all cut in half of the cost of the strikes in the day of the going on there is no plan for the national restoration of libya many of the key political players involved in an attempt to run libya right now divided over tribal regional as well as political levels and until the
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general national council of government there are reigns in the militias and tries to bring about some type of national reconciliation process on the economic decline and consequently the social instability will intensify record flood levels in russia's far east are forcing more people to leave everything behind and as the authorities try to find ways of helping the devastated region survive the upcoming winter more rains are forecast archy's paul scott talked to those who decided to stand their ground no matter what. is a village under threat on the banks of the red river residents wait nervously. record breaking water levels in the region a still rising forcing more and more people from their homes ruining property and livelihoods this lady is a full time carer for her disabled father she says leaving is simply not an option here not. i don't live here i live in that neighboring house my garden is
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underwater i'm here because i take care of my dad life was tough for residents in rural eastern russia even before the floods here father and daughter grow their own potatoes and vegetables but now the land they used to rely on is totally under water various i've got over my garden and chicken coop flooded the water is coming nearer and nearer to the house they are the only residents to remain artie's film crew later came across this man he's also decided to stay with his submerged property like many scared to leave through fear of looting because that they say with every three hours a report to the emergencies minister the situation is under control we are on guard and we are ready to deal with all variants to the situation as it changes up to ten thousand people can be housed in temporary accommodation centers that have sprung up across the region shelter and supplies are provided along with psychiatric support to help people deal with the fallout from the devastation. that was
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finished now people are grateful to those who have evacuated them from their homes who have provided everything they need matunga sleep residents worry about the future about the hoons and how they will spend their winter well how about office remains relatively untouched by the flood waters so far the same parts to the fifteen kilometers worth of dimes that have been built around the city in order to keep the water at bay or florentines ordering it to reach a height of nine meters at the moment in order to contend with the rising flood waters but that is of little comfort to the people in the remote rural regions you're seeing their lives swept away. skulls. and action arteta scuppering the russian series explores a village frozen in time and coming right up.
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download free broadcast quality video for your media project for free hearty dot com. in russia summertime means. russians love that family country houses at the end of the working week millions of people head straight for the peace and quiet of the villages a chance to recharge the batteries take it to an escape the hostile and bustle. bus if like me you're not lucky enough to have your own dacha little countryside are no isn't too hard to find. around two hundred kilometers from st petersburg there's a holiday village that promises beautiful old house is a warm river and a complete break from city life it's called mundra and it's supposed to be a place to turn back time and leave the war.


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